Mixed reviews for Over the Rainbow winner's first performance

Over the Rainbow winner Danielle Wade has given her first performance in the role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz after triumphing on the CBC show.

The 20-year-old from LaSalle, Ontario, was chosen for the role by winning the Andrew Lloyd Webber reality series last year.

The Wizard of Oz opening in Toronto on Sunday and critics gave it mixed reviews, with some criticizing Wade’s performance.

The Globe’s reviewer Kelly Nestruck said of Wade: “In scene after scene, Wade keeps hitting the same note — whiny rather than yearning,”

“The 20-year-old from LaSalle, Ont., has adopted a girlish voice for Dorothy that often feels very put on. This impression is only increased by her poor posture: She’s always slightly hunched over, as if she’s worried that she’s too tall for the part.”

However, Toronto Star reviewer Richard Ouzounian praised Wade in the role.

“Danielle Wade is a sweet and natural Dorothy, singing with emotion, acting with honesty and giving it all she’s got.”

Wade herself told CBC News: It is a very unorthodox way of going about getting a role like this — but it’s happened so I have to take it, and I have to do everything I can with it!”

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