Gamers and geeks to battle it out on new Slice series

What happens when 11 outspoken nerds move in to a fantasy filled mansion to compete in geek testing challenges for their chance at $100,000?

It’s a battle of wit, intellect, ingenuity and Rubik’s cubes and only one will win eternal bragging rights and be crowned King of the Nerds.

Premiering exclusively on Slice on January 23rd at 10pm ET/PT, the new series King of the Nerds is hosted by Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, best known for their roles in the timeless classic films Revenge of the Nerds.
King of the Nerds provides a look at the competitiveness, drama and comedy that unfolds when 11 nerds battle to be crowned victor. Throughout the series, the contestants will live in Nerdvana and compete in a range of challenges including a giant game of chess, a superhero debate, a live gaming match and a dance-off. One competitor will be banished each week until only one remains to claim the ultimate nerd title.

“Unlike anything we’ve aired on SliceTM before, King of the Nerds is a fun and amusing series that takes a look at the nerdy side of competition. Continuing to explore new and intriguing content, it’s the perfect addition to our diverse winter lineup,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media.

Gathering from across North America, the contestants pride themselves on their unique abilities, eccentric interests and passion for everything fantasy and science fiction. From a Canadian professional gamer to a former paranormal investigator, a comic fanatic to an expert computer hacker, these nerds are bringing their A-game in the fight to be named the first ever King of the Nerds.

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