Final episodes of Breaking Bad are “mind-blowingly brilliant”

Breaking Bad (Season 4)Anna Gunn has teased the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, saying it’s “mind-blowingly brilliant”.

“What Walt’s actions have wrought, everything starts to explode and implode,” Gunn, who plays Skylar, told E! Online.

“Every single person around him is being affected by it in a very, very dark away. It’s kind of like watching the walls of this world crumble down. And I find myself having to lock myself away in a quiet room to read the scripts. I’ll find my hands shaking as I turn page after page because what they’re coming up with is so intensely mind-blowingly brilliant.

“The twists and the turns and the unexpected things that are happening are breathtaking, and your heart is leaping into your throat and it’s going to be that kind of ride for the viewers.”

The show returns in July for its final ever run.

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