Canadians desperate to see Super Bowl ads

kate-upton-superbowlIt seems some Canadians are more excited about the Super Bowl ads as opposed to the actual match.

Canadians living close to the border are reportedly getting their hands on rabbit ears and over-the-air TV antennas in order to see the ads that will air in American but not Canada.

Most of the ads will never air north of the border given the issues of rights, talent fees and product differences that exist between the two nations.

One dealer in Windsor, Ontario, near Detroit, says they are getting daily requests for the receivers.

“It always a little rushed. They want it done by this Saturday,” said Russ Gray of Gray’s Radio and TV Service.

“It always seems to be a last-minute thing. They only start thinking about it three weeks ahead.”

Last year, a Harris-Decima Canadian Press poll found that more Canadians were more interested in watching the ads during the Super Bowl than the actual game.

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