Body language expert says Lance Armstrong was hiding truth during Oprah interview

lance-armstrong-oprah-winfrey-interviewA leading body language expert says Lance Armsrtong was lying during his Oprah interview last week.

Canadian Sara Canuso studied the cyclist’s body language and mannerisms during the interview and said she believed he was still hiding things.

“He was constantly covering his mouth and shaking his head, big indicators of not telling all of the facts,” she noted.

When Armstrong was asked about the authenticity of his intentions in regards to the interview, Canuso observed: “Oprah is asking questions he does not want to answer, so you will see him take deeper breaths.”

She believed he was being guarded throughout and nervous of what Oprah might ask him.

“He is continuously licking his lips and drinking water, both signs of anxiety,” Canuso said.

“There are signs of holding back on the truth. In this case, it could be that he isn’t telling all of the facts.”

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