This week on Innerspace

Tuesday, Dec. 4
· INNERSPACE talks to the Canadian Opera Company about the decision to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Brothers Grimm, and why their stories have stood the test of time.
· Ajay and Cynthia take a look at the special features on the Blu-Ray release of The Dark Knight Rises.
· INNERSPACE explores an enhanced version of the award-winning blockbuster video game, Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition.
· In celebration of the upcoming game release of Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect, Ajay hits the extreme Red Bull Crashed Ice obstacle course in Niagara Falls to see if he can ice skate down a vertical slope.
Wednesday, Dec. 5
· Nine years since their last appearance in Toronto, China’s Shaolin Warriors make their triumphant return to the city. Ajay goes one-on-one with the warriors as they demonstrate some of their martial arts skills.
· INNERSPACE unfolds the story of Star Wars like never before with artist Matthew Reinhart, as he shows his new Star Wars pop-up book.
· INNERSPACE visits opening night of the Narwhal Project’s latest exhibition “Breaking Circles/Broken Light” for a unique look at the animals we live amongst.

Thursday, Dec. 6 – Rainbow Sun Francks (THE LISTENER) guest co-hosts
· Eric Bana (Star Trek) and Olivia Wilde (TRON) discuss the release of their new thriller Deadfall.
· Ajay visits the Old Trout Puppet Workshop as the latest show “Ignorance” heads to the stage.
· INNERSPACE checks out the science fiction inspired art work at the Amazing Sci-Fi Art Show.

Friday, Dec. 7 – Dan Riskin (DAILY PLANET) guest co-hosts
· Holiday Baking: Cynthia challenges Ajay to a holiday themed bakeoff. Whose results will actually be edible? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

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