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Monday, Dec. 3
TOY WEEK: From the bizarre, to the unique to the spectacular, CANADA AM’s Toy Week is dedicated to finding the perfect gift for every kid with any kind of personality on your list. With the help of Jon Levy of Mastermind Toys, today CANADA AM talks about gifts best suited for the kid type like “Connected Carly” – the stylish, tech savvy it-girl.
COUNTERFEIT CHRISTMAS: Is it real or is it a knock-off? CANADA AM gets a show and tell from the experts, and some of the counterfeit goods that surface during the holiday season will surprise you.
HOLIDAY BAKING: Award-winning authors and Canadian culinary icons Elizabeth Baird and Rose Murray stir up the first day of a full week dedicated to holiday baking, with expert advice on how to plan Christmas creations. Today they share a classic thimble cookie recipe with CANADA AM.
WINTER ROADS: CANADA AM’s Jeff Hutcheson goes for a road test and gets a lesson on how to navigate roads in the worst of winter driving conditions.
Tuesday, Dec. 4
TOY WEEK – TUESDAY: CANADA AM takes a look at the best gift ideas for the “Active Adam” in your life – the non-stop boy or girl who is on the go all the time, both indoors and out.
ALLISON WILLIAMS: The actress who plays “Marnie” on Emmy-nominated HBO series Girls promotes the release of show’s first season release on DVD, and talks about the upcoming second season.
HEATHER’S PICKS: Heather Reisman shares her top winter reads and book gift ideas with CANADA AM.

Wednesday, Dec. 5
TOY WEEK – WEDNESDAY: A look at the best gifts for kids who are the “Creative Chloe” type, who love all kinds of creative arts, from crafts to music.
BONHOMME: The iconic ambassador of Quebec City’s Winter Carnival pays a special visit to CANADA AM.
MARK WAHLBERG: The actor, producer, and former rapper, talks to CANADA AM about his support for Miracle Day – a children’s charity.
THE TENORS: CANADA AM gets an intimate performance in front of a live studio audience from the Canadian vocal quartet. Viewers will also find out how to enter for a chance to win VIP tickets on The Tenors upcoming cross-Canada tour.

Thursday, Dec. 6
TOY WEEK – THURSDAY: CANADA AM appeals to the kid like “Emily the Engineer”, who never saw a science kit she didn’t love. Toy week shares the best gift ideas for kids like Emily, who love science, brain puzzles, and building things.
DISNEY WORLD: CANADA AM’s Jeff Hutcheson gets a close up view to the new and improved Fantasyland with the help of a very special guest.
THE TREWS: The Juno-nominated Canadian rockers take to the CANADA AM Soundstage.

Friday, Dec. 7
TOY WEEK – FRIDAY: CANADA AM explores gifts for the toughest customer, “Colin the Contrarian”, who thinks he’s seen it all.
GERARD BUTLER: The Hollywood hunk talks to CANADA AM about starring in the new romantic comedy, Playing for Keeps, premiering this week.
CHRISTMAS KITSCH: Beauty will be in the eye of the beholder as CANADA AM takes a look at some of the unusual items coming out of the woodwork for the holidays, from those unforgettable Christmas sweaters to the tackiest décor.

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