Nintendo launches TVii and Wii U in US and Canada

Nintendo has announced that its TVii and Wii U will launch in the US and Canada today (December 20).

The service – which supports cable and satellite providers in both regions – boasts a range of social integration functions, allowing users to share what they are watching and what they think of it via the Nintendo Miiverse as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Nintendo executive vice president of sales and marketing, Scott Moffat, explains how the system works: “Nintendo TVii works with your cable system, so we’re not asking anyone to cut the cord. It works with all your video services that you might have like Netflix, Hulu Plus (both US only), or any other services you may subscribe to. It also works with your DVR and anything you might have recorded, or live TV that you get through your cable system.

“It scans all of those services and provides entertainment that you want to find. It’s customizable for you or any other member of your family. It recognizes you as the user and searches content that it recommends for you.

“It allows you to select the content, enjoy the content, and then interact with the content by posting information to social media sites or your friends so you can comment and interact with the program you’re watching.”

“We want it to be an everyday device that’s in the centre of the living room. One thing that everyone does every day is entertain themselves with a variety of experiences beyond just gaming; including TV and video chat. And all those things are important for daily usage for a device like this.”

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