Murder She Solved: True Crime season 3 premieres on OWN in January

Documentary series Murder She Solved: True Crime returns for a third suspense-filled season, offering a rare inside look at the details of actual murder investigations and paying tribute to even more deserving female investigators and their teams who refuse to rest until they bring murderers to justice.

Season 3 of Murder She Solved: True Crime premieres Saturday, January 5 at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada).

The one-hour documentary series is produced by the award-winning Vancouver production company, Force Four Entertainment in association with Mystique Films, and developed and produced in collaboration with Corus Entertainment’s OWN (Canada).

“After thrilling audiences for two seasons, we’re excited to return with eight new episodes of Murder She Solved: True Crime,” says John Ritchie, Executive Producer and Partner, Force Four Entertainment. “Our team poured through hundreds of homicide cases throughout North America to find the most dramatic and compelling stories. We’re confident viewers will be drawn to the suspense of the real-life crimes featured this season and in particular the remarkable way that the investigators piece together crucial clues and solve the murders.”
Filmed in locations as far flung as Washington State, California, Texas, British Columbia and Alaska, each episode focuses on a different high-profile murder case, told from the point of view of the female investigator, who plays a key role in cracking the case. The series chronicles the chilling events of each murder, as well as the dramatic challenges, setbacks and surprising revelations of the investigation.

The crime solvers employ a variety of techniques to track the killers. One murderer is caught in a clever undercover sting; specialized scent dogs lead investigators to the killer’s doorstep in another crime; advances in DNA technology identify the murderer in a homicide that went cold 15 years prior; while a fascinating facial reconstruction breaks another case.

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