Mariah Carey had doubts about taking Idol judging role

Mariah Carey has said that she had reservations about joining the judging panel for American Idol this season.

The singer told reporters this week that it was her husband Nick Cannon that urged her to take the opportunity.

“He really wanted me to do this and I had my own kind of reservations — I didn’t know how I would adapt to this situation.” she said. “But it’s great to be here, I’m happy and honored to be here.

“It’s a huge deal. This is massive. It’s one of the biggest television shows ever. It changed the way we look at music and changed people’s vocabularies. Pitchy? Thank you, Randy for that!”

Carey believes she is qualified enough to offer advice and criticism when needed.

“As a recording artist and producer and writer, [it’s] helped me get to this point where I can sit there and say, ‘I’m not sure if you hit this part correctly,’ or, ‘You weren’t quite prepared to blend the harmony with this person singing way louder than you.’ These things I’ve known for more than half my life.”

She says she’s not a fan of sugar-coating, though.

“I try to speak frankly but as kind as possible. But not sugar-coating … that won’t do anyone any good.”

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