Amazing Race Canada producer says show will be “love letter to Canada"

The producer of the upcoming Canadian version of The Amazing Race has said the series will be a “love letter to Canada”.

John Brunton of Insight productions says he wants to shine a spotlight on Canada and show people how greats the country is.

It’s going to really shock Canadians because I think many people really don’t recognize how special and extraordinary this country really is,” Brunton told the Star.

“We are going to wrap ourselves in the flag. There are so many incredible attractions from the Rocky Mountains to the fact that we have a cultural diversity that is like none in the world.”

When the series was confirmed last week, Brunton jumped on a plane immediately to join up with the filming of the American series to see how it all worked.

“I wanted to see how the heck they operate this thing. I’ve never seen a show with so many moving parts and so much unpredictability,” he said.

“You have no idea what’s going to happen or what the timing is, what the weather is, who’s going to get lost.”

He says he has already received calls from people wanting to be contestants on the show.

“It’s wide open. We need people who hold the screen, people who are dynamic people at home can relate to . . . people who can represent who Canada is,” he said. “Canada is a very different place now than when I was born. People have flocked all over the world and I want to represent that.”

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