The Bachelor Canada host Tyler Harcott dishes on the drama

Ahead of tonight’s “Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor Canada, host Tyler Harcott has addressed the topic of drama in The Bachelor franchise.

“I think in the States — and I live in the States — there is a sense that drama is what everyone wants to see,” Harcott tells omg! Canada.

“And, to an extent, I think that’s true. People don’t watch NASCAR because they want to see amazing left turns; they want to see a crash. And I think this show or the franchise itself has a lot of that.

“But I think in Canada, we have a real sensibility about ourselves. Whether it’s about entertainment or not, we are not a people who want to overstep emotionally in a negative way. And I think that would say it’s almost like that Canadian classic [attitude] shines through.

“The ladies understand there’s a sense of sorority among themselves. And yes, they’re competing against each other, but it’s like, ‘We’re women, we are this one group of people, and we have to protect each other’s back.’ I don’t think we lost any of the drama, and I’m proud of that, and I don’t think the show hurts at all from less cattiness or meanness to each other.”

Harcott says he has tried to steer clear of what Chris Harrison has done on the American series in order to create his own identity.

“I’m not Chris Harrison,” Harcott says. “And I don’t want to be Chris Harrison. Neither does Chris Harrison or the producers — they want me to be me, that’s why they hired me. And [with hosting] you walk a really fine line, and you have an audience who’s very savvy and very used to another version of the show. You want to respect that, but you also want to have your own unique Canadian identity. So we walk that line hoping to fall between those two worlds.”


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