National Geographic premieres Superstorm New York: What Really Happened

Superstorm New York: What Really Happened, a one-hour special, premieres in Canada on Saturday, November 24 at 9pm ET on National Geographic Channel, and will air globally this month in 171 countries.

The documentary brings viewers inside the eye of the storm to understand how 145 kilometre per hour winds extended from its centre, and driving rains and fatal storm surges left thousands displaced and millions without power. Find out how this “frankenstorm” developed and dig further into the unpredictability of nature’s fury in the 21st century.
Superstorm New York: What Really Happened weaves together user-generated stories from those who rode out the catastrophic storm, first responders, weather experts and storm chasers. Hear in detail for the first time from New York Fire Department Social Media Manager Emily Rahimi, who chronicles how she answered Twitter messages because people could not get through to 911. “This storm was definitely a 21st century storm. This was the first one, I think, to use social media for help,” she recalls in the documentary.

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