Media giant calls for changes in Canadian TV exports

Canadian broadcast giant Quebecor Media has called for changes to policy in order beef up the amount of Canadian TV shows being exported.

The current regulatory rules favour productions aimed at local audiences, meaning few Canadian productions were sold on to foreign distributors.

“We need to ensure that Canadian corporations can count on a regulatory environment that helps them compete on an equal footing with foreign rivals,” Serge Sasseville, vice president of Quebecor Media, told a digital media forum organized by the French embassy in Ottawa.

He added: “We believe in a regulator that empowers Canadian corporations to take advantage of the worldwide opportunities afforded by the new digital economy… to bring Canadian content to the world.

“Cultural exports must be at the top of our business, regulatory and financing priorities.

“We must review programs that favor local production to the detriment of projects that could succeed internationally.”

Source: AFP

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