History reveals January 2013 line-up

Beginning in January, Canada’s #1 specialty entertainment channel embarks on a wild ride into the past, with mavericks of military airborne battles taking flight and vintage car junkies at the wheel.

Boasting four exciting new series and five returning crowd-pleasers, History’s winter schedule takes its viewers on the perfect winter getaway.

The schedule revs up on Wednesday, January 2 at 9pm ET with the premiere of Counting Cars. Fans of Pawn Stars know that Danny “The Count” Koker is a classic car fanatic.

He is passionate about finding, fixing and flipping vintage cars, while exploring each vehicle’s history. The series follows Danny as he tracks down classic cars and makes on-the-spot offers all around Las Vegas.

These cars are everything to Danny, and he expects nothing but the best from his motley crew of mechanics, who are constantly working to restore Danny’s finds.

Taking off on Monday, January 7 at 9pm ET, the new Canadian original series Air Aces recounts the most heroic airborne combat missions in history. Using real vintage aircrafts, the series recreates mid-air combat sequences featuring Spitfires, Lancaster bombers and Phantom fighters.

Aerial stunt teams and state-of-the-art camera technology dramatize the exploits of the world’s greatest Air Aces, and revealing interviews with veterans and military historians put these stories into perspective. Each episode focuses on a particular individual or group that made military history in the sky, starting with Canadian George Beurling, one of the greatest fighter pilots of World War II.

Also premiering on January 7 is the new series Outback Hunters. Packed with a rich frontier history, Kakadu is an insular and beautiful territory of the Australian Outback. In the 1800s “bushrangers”, English prisoners with top survival skills, escaped from city prisons and made Kakadu their new stomping grounds. But it wasn’t the escaped convicts that struck fear into the locals; it was, and still is, the “Salties” – massive salt water crocodiles known as the biggest, baddest reptiles on the planet. This adrenaline-filled series follows a team of charismatic Aussies, as they manage this highly protected species. Outback Hunters airs Mondays at 10pm ET.

History’s Friday night schedule welcomes Brainwashed, a new Canadian original series exploring the criminal pasts of everyday people who were manipulated by false prophets, criminal masterminds and sociopathic con-artists into committing extreme acts and breathtaking sacrifices. Each episode unfolds through the powerful first-hand testimony of the victim, along with chilling dramatic reconstructions. These gripping personal accounts provide the twists and turns of a Hollywood thriller, but with the sobering knowledge that every moment is true. Brainwashed airs Fridays at 8pm ET, beginning January 18.

Returning to History’s schedule this winter are new episodes of viewers’ favourite shows:

· American Restoration, airing Wednesdays at 8pm ET, beginning January 2
· Ancient Aliens, airing Thursdays at 9pm ET, beginning January 3
· Cajun Pawn Stars, airing Tuesdays at 8:00/8:30pm ET, beginning January 8
· Pawn Stars, airing Tuesdays at 9:00/9:30pm ET, beginning January 8
· American Pickers airing Tuesdays at 10pm ET, beginning January 8

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