Deal With It renewed for second season on W Network

Corus Entertainment’s W Network announced today the renewal of Deal With It, the hilarious hidden camera game show from Just For Laughs Television.

Starting January, 2013, Deal With It will begin production on 20 new 30-minute episodes, doubling the order from Season One. The new season is scheduled to air in Spring on W Network.

“Everyone knows the Just For Laughs team are comedy experts, especially when it comes to putting unsuspecting participants in the most unusual circumstances,” said Vibika Bianchi, Vice President, Original Programming, Lifestyle, Reality, Factual Entertainment, Corus Entertainment. “Deal With It goes one step further to see how far people will go to deceive their friends and family when a prize is at stake.”

Hosted by Sandy Jobin-Bevans (Life With Boys) and Martin Roach (Aaron Stone), the show features ordinary people put into extraordinary situations. Deal With It tracks a pair of everyday people in a very public place, then chooses one of them to follow a series of secret instructions whispered into a concealed earpiece by the hidden hosts.

The chosen participants must then complete a set of increasingly outlandish and difficult tasks, ranging from walking out of the restaurant’s rest room in nothing but a bath towel to breaking a wine bottle over their head. The participants put their improv skills to the test and only win if they don’t lose their cool, bail, or – most importantly – are found out by their companions.

While participants win cash prizes with each successful challenge completion, Season One showed that the thrill of pulling off their mission and dealing with the ticking time-bombs constantly being tossed in their laps was every bit as motivating as the prize money. To up the ante for Season 2, there will be more extreme challenges, more scenic locations and the participants and companions – as well as W Network’s audiences – will be taken on a 30-minute thrill-ride adventure.

“Frankly, we were amazed at how far people would go, and how convincing they were,” said Evi Regev, one of Deal With It’s Executive Producers. “We had people walking across crowded restaurants in nothing more than a towel, dancing around in bunny costumes and convincing their loved one was they had psychic powers or that they were a high-level spy. Their actions and reactions gave us the confidence that they’re ready to step things up another notch or two.”

Deal With It can currently be seen on W Network every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, The series is based on the hit Israeli format created by Keshet Broadcasting and United Studios and has been produced in over 10 countries around the world including Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Germany and Greece.

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