Daily Planet's High-Tech Toys Week, Dec. 10-14

Daily Planet’s most popular week returns! Canada’s favourite science show proudly presents “High-Tech Toys Week,” beginning Monday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. ET and continuing through Friday, Dec. 14 on Discovery.

Anchored by co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin, the much-anticipated week offers up the most-cool, most-cutting-edge, and, most-buzzed about toys on the market this gift-giving season.

From a robot right out of Transformers, to a personal helicopter, to a solo water ski, get set for an all-access pass to the world’s most indulgent and luxurious high-tech!

Geeks in Toyland: Tong and Riskin debut the world’s most-buzzed about new toys on “High-Tech Toys Week,” Dec. 10 – 14 exclusively on Discovery

Segment highlights from Daily Planet’s “High-Tech Toys Week” include:

A Real Life Transformer – The Kuratas Robot
It’s Earth’s biggest rideable robot! It’s called the Kuratas robot, the brainchild of Japan’s Kogoro Kurata, whose father always told him it was possible to build anything. So, he set out to build every child’s dream – a giant robot with articulated limbs that can walk down the street. Kuratas is controlled with an iphone or a game interface. Standing nearly two-storeys tall, Kuratas would make quite a statement on anyone’s gift list – or home. And for just $1.3 million, it’s actually possible.

Gen H-4 Personal Helicopter
Trouble battling traffic in the big city? Japan entrepreneur and inventor Gennai Yanigisawa has the answer – the world’s smallest co-axial helicopter. Part jet pack, part helicopter, and, weighing in at 70 kilograms, this ultra-light super gadget can fly up to 88 kilometres an hour. The latest toy in the world of personal air travel is a steal for $30,000, but there’s a catch – buyers would have to bring their Gen H-4 back to Japan for servicing.

Solo Water Ski
Every skier knows that a day out on the water can be quite the production. Skiers need a boat, a driver and a spotter. Skiers also have to take turns. Daily Planet catches up with one Seattle-based company that has simplified the process with SOLO – the personal water ski machine. The SOLO gives the skier complete control of speed and direction – and has ultra-modern sensors to make the experience as safe as possible.

The HotTug
Daily Planet gets an up-close-and-personal sneak peek of the HotTug. Created in Amsterdam, this ingenious design is a wood-fired hot tub that can sail and a tug boat in which boaters and also be bathers – with a soak in a bubbly warm bath! It is ideal for carefree fun and relaxation on the water, moving or stationary, ready to travel to idyllic spots for a visit or a swim.

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