This October, MuchMusic VJs hit the road to meet fans

MuchMusic is bringing fans that much closer to their favourite on-air personalities as the MuchMusic VJ Tour hits the road this October, making its way across Canada.

Coinciding with the youth empowerment movement We Day’s tour stops, Much VJs Lauren Toyota, Liz Trinnear, Scott Willats, and Phoebe Dykstra are jumping on board to hang out with their fans. Throughout the MuchMusic VJ Tour, is the go-to site for all things #MuchVJTour.
Co-host of MuchMusic’s flagship show New.Music.Live., Lauren Toyota and NML reporter, Liz Trinnear, are hitting up Vancouver (Oct. 17 and 18). The newest member of the Much family Scott Willats, and fun lovin’ fan fave Phoebe Dykstra, are making their way to Calgary (Oct. 23 and 24), as well as Phoebe’s hometown of Winnipeg (Oct. 29 and 30).

Meet the Much VJs touring Canada:

Lauren Toyota

A self-proclaimed TV junkie and obsessive music fan, Lauren’s personality engages audiences all over the country as co-host of MuchMusic’s flagship series NEW.MUSIC.LIVE. She’s amassed an impressive online fan base of more than 92,000 twitter followers, and has rocked numerous red carpets including THE JUNO AWARDS and The Toronto International Film Festival, interviewing some of the biggest names in pop-culture. In 2011 and 2012, Lauren landed the ultimate gig as co-host of THE MUCHMUSIC VIDEO AWARDS.

Liz Trinnear

Liz lives and breathes all things music and pop culture and can be seen on NEW.MUSIC.LIVE., TODAY’S TOP 10, and the MUCHMUSIC COUNTDOWN. Having struggled with a health condition from a young age, Liz has always felt that it’s what you exude from within that counts; and that’s exactly what gave her the courage to audition for the coveted Much VJ role. Voted “Most Likely to be a MuchMusic VJ” in high school, Liz beat out 4,000 other VJ hopefuls and landed her dream gig in 2009 when she won the VJ Search. Since then, has become MuchMusic’s sweetheart. When not on-air, Liz is busy producing her online show, LIZ ONLINE, where she shares her expertise of fashion, beauty, and pop culture with her viewers.

Scott Willats

As the newest addition to MuchMusic’s flagship series NEW.MUSIC.LIVE., Scott is a self-proclaimed music junkie, who can’t go a day without his iPod. Scott had his eye on MuchMusic for a long time and in December 2011 during an VJ Open Call, he lined up in freezing temperatures for hours at Much HQ, along with 500 other VJ hopefuls. One of the first people to get a meeting that day, Willats had a two-minute conversation with an executive producer who was immediately impressed. Nine months later, Scott joined the Much family. Scott brings an in-depth knowledge of electronic dance music to MuchMusic. His fresh perspective, keen interviewing skills, and charismatic personality make Scott a great addition to the Much family.

Phoebe Dykstra

The small farm she grew up on in Balmoral, Manitoba, couldn’t contain the big dreams of Phoebe Dykstra. As one of the originating members of MuchMusic’s flagship series NEW.MUSIC.LIVE., Phoebe has been instrumental to its success, interviewing mega-star acts and highlighting her fun-loving personality with her own segment #askphoebe. Through it Phoebe offers her fans advice, whether it’s providing moral support when fans gets their first tattoo, helping to plan a romantic anniversary, or assisting a cheerleader prep for a world championship. With unmatched positive energy, Phoebe brings her knowledge of music and tell-it-like-it-is attitude to NEW.MUSIC.LIVE. and TODAY’s TOP 10.

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