MTV premieres new series Underemployed, October 16

Viewers are expected to be clocking in some extra viewing hours as MTV premieres an all-new, exclusive series, Underemployed, Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 10 p.m. ET.

The hilarious, 12-episode, 60-minute series follows five friends through life’s obstacles, post graduation.

With plans for world domination, this crew of twentysomethings quickly learn that it’s easier said than done, and fight to stay optimistic through life’s changes including dead-end jobs, terrible bosses, and romantic mistakes.

Below is an introduction to the latest members of the non-working force:

· Miles (Diego Boneta) works numerous dead-end jobs, all with the hopes of becoming the next Calvin Klein model.

· Daphne (Sarah Habel) is struggling up the corporate ladder, but isn’t getting paid a dime for it.

· Sophia (Michelle Ang), wants to be the next great American author, but instead plays a lot of Angry Birds.

· Lou (Jared Kusnitz) and Raviva (Inbar Lavi) are thrown into the real world with an unplanned pregnancy.

In the premiere episode, Sophia struggles to hold on to her dreams of becoming a writer, as she serves maple bacon bars at Donut Girl, while Daphne continues to toil as an unpaid and unnoticed intern at an advertising agency.

Lou and Raviva, who ended their relationship when she left for Los Angeles to become a famous singer, are thrown together again when she lands on his doorstep nine-months pregnant.

Meanwhile, Miles aspires to be a world famous model and the face of a major ad campaign, but instead finds himself serving mojitos and mini-tacos in his skivvies.

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