CTV Saskatoon’s Chantel Huber wins award for “Chasing Normal" documentary

CTV Saskatoon’s Chantel Huber is the recipient of the 2012 Communication Award for her CTV Saskatchewan original documentary Chasing Normal.

Awarded by The Brain Injury Association of Canada, this award recognizes efforts to advance the causes of brain injury in Canada. The award was presented in September at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

“We are very proud of Chantel Huber and the production team of Chasing Normal, the CTV Saskatchewan documentary highlighting the plight of brain injury survivors in our province,” said Wade Moffatt, Vice President and General Manager, CTV Saskatchewan.

“Chantel’s passion for health and reporting is inspiring and echoed in the passion we have at CTV Saskatchewan to bring our viewers these local stories. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those survivors for sharing their experiences with us and for having the courage to raise awareness”.

“We believed it was important to investigate the topic further – how brain injuries occur – to whom and at the same time share with our viewers the recovery process,” said CTV Saskatchewan News Director Carl Worth.

“As we encountered the often traumatic impact of brain injury on individuals and their families and friends, we were always inspired by the attitude and willpower of those making the difficult journey to recovery, as they were chasing ‘normal’.”

Chasing Normal can be seen on demand at Saskatoon.CTVNews.ca, where viewers may also find additional information on brain injury.

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