Canadian hockey fans flocking to other channels on Saturday nights

The lack of hockey on Canadian TV thanks to the lockout is not proving all that bad for some networks.

Hockey fans are turning to their favourite American shows to pass the time as they wait for their teams to return to the ice.

CTV is reporting a big rise in Saturday night viewing for their Big Bang Night on CTV, which comprises of re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.

They have doubled their audience in the 8-10pm timeslot while fellow Bell channels The Comedy Network and TSN boast rises of 56,000 and 50,000 viewers respectively.

Canadian cable channels are reporting a combined audience rise of 20 per cent on Saturday nights.

Global has seen a rise of five per cent for its Chicago Fire screenings on Saturdays.

Unfortunately, CBC has struggled to retain the bulk of its Saturday night audience, with only 11 per cent sticking around for classic hockey games on Hockey Night in Canada.

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