Canadian content must appeal globally - Peladeau

Quebecor Inc. chief executive Pierre Karl Peladeau has warned that the Canadian entertainment industry may lose out if it doesn’t start producing content that appeals to audiences beyond our borders.

Peladeau’s caution came at MIPCOM in Cannes, France this week as he gave his speech, entitled Positioning Canadian Content in a Global Digital World.

“How TV is watched and distributed is changing rapidly,” Peladeau said. “TV networks are not the be all and end all anymore.

“If we still want a vibrant Quebec and Canadian TV industry in 20 years, we have to start developing strong original concepts that will be popular across platforms and across markets. This is the only way we’ll be able to make a mark in the world of digital distribution, [and] generate the necessary funding to keep our local industry going.

“We want the next Office, Big Brother, Top Chef to be Canadian.

“For that, we need to really [focus] our funding infrastructure from being strictly locally focused to also being export focused.

“We need to position our industry on the global scene or face extinction.

“We lived through it with music. There’s no reason why technological distribution alternatives will not apply to television shows the same way – we’re living through it at the cable business right now.”

Source: financialpost

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