Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice premieres Nov. 6 on Discovery Channel

The winters are brutal in Nome, Alaska, a frontier town in a world where few curiosities remain. There’s a new kind of gold rush going on here, and it’s unlike any other.

Premiering Tuesday, November 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel, the new five-part series Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice follows daring gold miners who set their sights on gold far beneath 1.2-metres of solid ice on the Bering Sea floor. Fierce conditions won’t deter these gold-hungry men and woman, and after cutting through the ice to reach the black sea waters below, the adventure begins.

Only an omnipresent fear of death and the physiological and psychological effects of cold water diving under solid ice – including hypothermia, hypoxia, hypercapnia, vertigo, and frostbite – separate these miners from their fortunes…and from peril.

From Thom Beers’ Original Productions, the creators of the Emmy Award-winning Deadliest Catch, Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice tells the stories of these real ice hole gold miners who risk it all to go beneath the ice.

The Bering Sea has high concentrations of gold that can be attributed to numerous sources, including gold-rich rivers that flow into it, erosive forces that strip continental rocks of its gold and carry it to the sea, and bedrock sources that push auriferous debris up to the sea floor. However, the solid ice that covers roughly 3.2 kilometres of the Bering Sea during the winter months has always protected this valuable and highly sought-after precious metal. Until now.

Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice follows three gold mining teams run by driven dredge captains whose very livelihoods depend on mining this wet and frozen gold. The risks are great, and the payoff even greater. Split-second thinking, extreme focus, and team work are key to staying alive under the ice.

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