Bachelor Canada in it for a connection

The first-ever Bachelor Canada says he is genuinely looking for a connection with one of the 25 women on the new Citytv reality series.

Former CFL player Brad Smith said he didn’t expect the show to lead to an automatic relationship or marriage, he just wanted to meet someone.

“It seemed like it was all kind of meant to be,” says Smith.

“It was a life-meets-opportunity moment where I had decided to settle down in my life and as soon as I had made that decision … three days later I got the call from ‘The Bachelor.'”

Smith says he was surprised by the level of quality in the production of the show.

“When I came to pick them up for the first date, I’m honestly pretty sure that they thought we were going to go to a Burger King around the corner,” he jokes.

“And then when we announced that first date (we) saw the girls literally, for two seconds, go flat and then get really excited. Because from that point on the girls knew that not only were my expectations going to be exceeded but theirs (would be too).

“This wasn’t just a Canadian-only show, we were going to explore what makes ‘The Bachelor’ great, which is taking amazing trips, doing things you would never do.”

The Bachelor Canada host Tyler Harcott believes audiences will get attached to Smith’s journey in much the same way that American audiences have during the 10 years of The Bachelor stateside.

“Because he’s so invested in this journey, I am invested in this journey. He’s taking it so seriously and you can’t help but root for the guy, because he really wants this…. He wants to find love. Is this the exact way to do it? He doesn’t know but he wants to try,” he said.

“There’s always going to be cynics to every format of anything reality television because people have the (belief) that it’s directed or manipulated…. Throughout the whole process I can honestly say that … it’s exactly what happened to me and it’s exactly what I felt.”

Source: winnipegfreepress

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