August 2012

9:30 p.m.- Tuesday, September 18 on Comedy Network

Jeff joins the debate team after Annie’s partner drops out. Though Jeff assumes he’ll excel, he encounters unexpected competition from an obnoxious member of the other team. Elsewhere, Shirley is spooked by Abed’s films, which seem to foresee the future, and Pierce tries to help Britta quit smoking.

10:30 p.m.- Monday, September 17 on Comedy Network

Now owner of the bar, Steve realizes he must set boundaries with his parents and before long, he tangles with a health inspector.

10 p.m.- Monday, September 17 on Comedy Network

Neal employs cost-cutting measures at work to impress his boss, and Milo ends up behind bars while investigating drug trafficking for an article.

9:30 p.m.- Monday, September 17 on Comedy Network

The gang discovers that Jeff doesn’t have a place to live and are quick to offer their help. Meanwhile, Annie comes up with a perfect date for Troy, and Pierce tests his musical chops when he joins Vaughn’s (Eric Christian Olsen, NCIS: LOS ANGELES) band.

9 p.m.- Saturday, September 15 on Comedy Network

Before a live audience at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco, Schumer airs every hilarious, messed up detail of her dating and sex life, from encounters with unexpected body parts to hate-filled personal grooming appointments. In her matter-of-fact raunchy style, at odds with her self-described “Cabbage Patch Kid” appearance, Schumer tells stories of a boyfriend who makes dirty requests over dinner, the way she outsmarts her birth control, and a shocking ending to a seemingly innocent cab ride.

9:30 p.m.- Friday, September 14 on Comedy Network

Charlie (Charlie Sheen, TWO AND A HALF MEN), a therapist specializing in anger issues and who battles them himself, returns to therapy after an unpleasant encounter with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

9:30 p.m.- Thursday, September 13 on Comedy Network

Jeff plans to woo his statistics professor, but his pursuit could interfere with Annie’s ‘day of the dead’ party, leaving him torn between landing a date and keeping a promise to Annie. Meanwhile, Pierce confronts the aging process.

9:30 p.m.- Wednesday, September 12 on Comedy Network

Jeff has ulterior motives when he pushes Troy to join the school’s football team, but Annie interferes with Jeff’s plan. Elsewhere, Britta receives a lesson from Shirley on the rules of girl talk.

9:30 p.m.- Tuesday, September 11 on Comedy Network

Se�or Chang (Ken Jeong, The Hangover) tries to weed out a cheater by threatening to flunk the whole Spanish class. After someone confesses, Jeff comes to the aid of the accused. Elsewhere, Annie asks Pierce (Chevy Chase, Hot Tub Time Machine) to compose a song for the school.

10:30 p.m.- Monday, September 10 on Comedy Network

Steve Sullivan (Steve Byrne, THE MIDDLE) is a successful corporate attorney from New York who brings his girlfriend home for his father’s 60th birthday, only to learn that his Irish-American father, Jack Sullivan (Dan Lauria, ED), and his Korean mother, Ok Cha (Jodi Long, ELI STONE), are preparing to sell the multi-generational family business – a bar known as Sullivan & Son. After learning the news, it doesn’t take Steve long to realize that where he really belongs is in his old neighbourhood, behind the bar.