New History series Secret Life Of... premieres this month

Historical figures from Henry VIII to Napoleon undergo modern TMZ-style, tabloid scrutiny in the cheeky new History series by Proper Television “Secret Life Of…”

Did Henry VIII really please all those wives? What do Alexander the Great and David Bowie have in common? And what did they use for condoms in Casanova’s day?

Armed with exhaustive research and the help of A-list historians and experts, “Secret Life Of…” combines the visual appeal of Entertainment Tonight and the irreverent humour of Monty Python with hilarious re-enactments and demonstrations set to answer these and many more burning questions.

“Our new original series “Secret Life Of…” allows viewers to hear the juicy gossip of history’s most famous figures,” says Guy O’Sullivan, president, Proper Television. “By examining their wardrobes, real estate, lovers, eccentricities, lifestyles, shortcomings, and insecurities, these icons are exposed in a way that makes them outrageously entertaining.”

In each half-hour episode, “Secret Life Of…” delves deep into the personal life of one iconic historical personality, digging up the provocative, cheeky and downright unbelievable facts that traditional historical research avoids. With the help of amusing demonstrations and riotous re-enactments, including the bodice-ripping sexual foreplay in Tudor England, the outrageous weekly grocery lists of Henry VIII and the exotic tools of seduction of the one and only Casanova, viewers are privy to a rare and compelling glimpse deep into the world of the rich, famous and downright scandalous.

Did Alexander the Great kill his own father? Did Napoleon come up short in more ways than one? Was Marie Antoinette really an insatiable sex fiend? Shot throughout Europe and North America “Secret Life Of…” transports the viewer into the past on a wild and endlessly entertaining journey to unearth these juicy details.

· Episode 1: Henry VIII

Fri., Aug. 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

We know him as the king with a whack of palaces, a weight problem and a penchant for killing off his wives, but there is much more to Henry VIII than the fat old tyrant from the history books. He was once Henry the Hunk – a royal stud who was an expert rider, musician, with such shapely legs! Find out about the tragic jousting accident that turned Henry the Hunk into Henry the Horrid. Join us as we shop for his outrageously extravagant banquets (on the list: 7000 bottles of wine, 157 sheep, 1 wild boar…) and find out what his “groom of the stool” actually did – yes, it is what you think it is. Jousting, banquets, beheadings – it is a raucous celebration of the infamous king who ruled the 16th century with an iron fist – and a well-oiled guillotine. Welcome to the Secret Life of Henry VIII.

· Episode 2: Napoleon

Fri., Aug. 31 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT

He alone was said to be worth 50,000 men on the battlefield. Such was the military genius of Napoleon Bonaparte. He ruled an empire with an empire-sized ego. But the mighty French general (with the short man’s complex) was also a bit of a nerd, a hopeless romantic, and a master of spin – practically inventing the celebrity pose, with his signature bicorne hat and hand in vest. We find out his secrets on the battlefield (he quickened the pace of his soldiers) AND in the bedroom (he was a fan of quickie sex too). We learn of his lust for Josephine and for power – and how his early years as an outsider shaped his ambition for the rest of his life. Welcome to the Secret Life of Napoleon.

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