London 2012 sees shift from TV to digital viewing

The London 2012 Olympics has signalled a shift in the way people are watching live sporting events.

While TV is still proving popular, many viewers have turned to mobile and desktop devices to watch live streams for archived footage in order to get their Olympic fix.

London 2012 signalled an increase in the total viewership but came with lower than expected numbers watching on TV.

“Broadcasters [in London] were saying that overall viewership was trending upward, so more people were interested in the Olympics. But the way in which the people were watching the Olympics was different than expected,” said Sasha Grujicic, executive vice-president of strategy, digital and insight at Toronto-based media agency Aegis Media North America.

While the Canadian Olympic consortium is yet to release its official viewing data, it is expected to show a rise in digital consumption of the games.

Grujicic said early reports were “way exceeding the digital mobile and tablet tracking figures, and the television coverage was underdelivering. On net, the viewership was up, but the composition was different than expected.”

Grujicic says the rise in digital viewing provides a wealth of branding opportunities for advertisers and sponsors.

Source: financialpost

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