Fourth season of By The Rapids premieres September 8 on APTN

The quirky, hilarious, and outlandish lives of the Littlehorn family are back for a fourth season of By The Rapids.

APTN’s first primetime-animated comedy series, takes a satirical look at what happens to an urbanized family that relocates from Toronto to a rural Aboriginal Mohawk community.

New and returning fans will love the improved animation effects of By The Rapids season four – the best yet – as it continues to highlight real life issues with the help of lighthearted pop-culture references and witty wisecracks.

By The Rapids was a vision that became a reality for me and I’ve loved every moment of creating four compelling seasons,” says Joseph Lazare, the young series creator, writer and director. “The animation in season four is the best yet and with even more fun pop culture references, it is sure to entertain.”

In the season four, Cory is forced to attend school for the first time and quickly becomes the target of bullies. He ends up running an elaborate campaign to become student president to compete with a new nemesis. In a hilarious move, Uncle Regis acts as the head of his secret service.

Highlights from “By The Rapids” season four include Hazel, the Littlehorn’s beloved grandmother, coming out of Bingo retirement to defeat the prosthetic limbed Bingo bully who is stealing everyone’s luck, Karen and Derek getting crowned ‘Hickee King and Queen’ – and almost ending up married because of it.

Check out the brand new website at for news, episode teasers, season summaries and a fun interactive “By The Rapids” map.

Broadcast Saturdays at:
· 7:30 p.m. ET on APTN East and HD;

· 7:30 p.m. MT on APTN West; and

7:30 p.m. CT on APTN North.

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