Flying Wild Alaska returns to Discovery Channel, September 6

For the small, isolated communities of northern Alaska, the only way in – and the only way out – is by bush plane.

Here, the Tweto family – husband and wife Jim and Ferno and their daughters Ariel and Ayla – provide the only lifeline to the frozen northern communities via their regional airline, Era Alaska.

Premiering Thursday, September 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel, Season 3 of Flying Wild Alaska finds the Twetos and Era Alaska’s skilled pilots struggling to operate in the worst weather Alaska has seen in decades.

Discovery Channel takes flight with Season 3 of Flying Wild Alaska, Sept. 6

Back with six new episodes, Season 3 highlights for Flying Wild Alaska include:
· Ariel Tweto continues her quest to get her pilot’s license and faces the biggest obstacle of her career
· Massive solar flares wreak havoc on airplane equipment across Alaska
· Pilot Sarah Fraher has a sudden mid-air breach at 900 metres, in -40C temperatures
· Ariel joins a search-and-rescue team to help find a missing friend
· Pilot John Ponts is once again the rookie as he is transferred to Era’s most unforgiving hub: Barrow, Alaska
· Pilot Erik Snuggerud’s moose hunt turns into a fight for survival
· Pilot Doug Stewart attempts to land on a treacherous runway to fly schoolkids out for their first-ever visit to the mainland
· John Kapsner and his co-pilot race to find stranded snow machinists who have been out overnight in the deadly cold
· Pilot Ben Pedersen attempts to retrieve a priest in 65kph winds so he can deliver Easter mass in the villages
· Jim Tweto hopes to build a new cabin and gold mine, but must get 6,800kg of equipment across a thawing river to make his dream a reality

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