Canadian teenage wedding series raising eyebrows

Slice is currently casting for a new reality series that will focus on teen brides.

My Teenage Wedding will shine a spotlight on young love and marriage in a “social documentary” style that has concerned certain sections of society.

38-year-old mother Gabrielle Domingues believes the show is inappropriate.

“I just think it’s borderline inappropriate,” she said. “It’s one thing to show adults in that light … and another to show minors exposing their mistakes and their vulnerabilities at such a raw and impressionable age, and by association making an impression and influencing youth who are watching.”

The producers of the show believe it will provide a means for viewers to converse with children regarding their relationships.

“It actually gives them a vehicle and a reason to bring it up,” said Christine Shipton, vice president of original content at Shaw Media.

“If this is a point of view that you’re concerned is affecting your kids in a negative way, you need to talk to them about it.

“It’s really a story about when a teen world meets an adult world. It’s as much about the mother-daughter relationship, relations with siblings, relations with friends, and then of course the pay off — the wedding — and how we as an audience feel at the end about this couple.”

Source: thestar

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