The Roast of Roseanne and The Burn engulf The Comedy Network, August 12 & 14

August is shaping up to be the most explosive month bar none when The Roast of Roseanne and the series premiere of The Burn ignite The Comedy Network.

On Sunday, Aug. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, future Presidential candidate and comedy legend Roseanne Barr prepares for the incineration of a lifetime at the hands of Roast Master Jane Lynch (GLEE), and a panel of soon-to-be-announced roasters.

This long awaited installment of The Roast series comes approximately one year after the #SheenRoast crazy train set a record as the most-watched broadcast in Comedy Network history.
Before viewers get a chance to cool down, Comedy’s new half-hour series The Burn, hosted by the “Roastmaster General” Jeff Ross, combusts on Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, directly following Comedy’s preview of Charlie Sheen’s new series Anger Management.

With nine editions of The Roast under his esteemed belt, the comedian, actor, director and author has developed an “insult comedy” style that has caused him to become both feared and revered, often referred to as the meanest man in the biz. No one is safe.

Joining a list of heartlessly skewered victims that have included Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, David Hasselhoff, Joan Rivers, Bob Saget, Flavor-Flav, Pamela Anderson and William Shatner, The Roast of Roseanne is sure to take a vicious stab at Barr’s outspoken, blue collar comedy. When asked about her impending doom, Barr remarked, “All I can say is good luck finding anything about me to make fun of… I mean, I’ve never made a mistake or offended anyone in my life!” Far from extinguishing the flame, Jane Lynch commented, “I’ve long fantasized of ripping Roseanne Barr a new one. But because I don’t have the cajones to say anything offensive to her face, I will be hosting the proceedings.” Additional details, including the full roster of Roasters is to come.

Claiming to have a black belt in busting balls, Jeff Ross’ highly anticipated new series The Burn is the perfect platform for his all-deprecating sense of humour. Joined by a group of fellow pyromaniacs and celebrities, Ross will skewer the week’s pop culture topics in-studio, and hit the streets to take aim at “public enemies,” including meter maids, the paparazzi, and those who need to be taken down a notch, like Betty White. Every episode will end with a tribute to whomever or whatever passed away that week, in a segment entitled “Too Soon?” When asked about the upcoming proceedings, Ross stated, “My mission is clear. To rip the world a new asshole one crack at a time. I can’t wait to get started.”

Viewers can catch episodes of The Burn following their television premiere on The best ROAST highlights will be available online the day after broadcast.

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