The LA Complex creator says second season will be even better

The LA Complex creator Martin Gero believes the second season of the Canadian drama will be better than the first.

“We’re making the show that we made last year — I think it’s just better, it’s more confident, it looks a lot better,” Gero said this week.

“I feel so fortunate that we’ve been given this opportunity to have people find the show again…. People forget that just a day (before the premiere), we’re talking about how it’s one of the best shows of that season, and then it starts turning into a discussion of ratings, and that becomes the story….

“The focus is kind of a bummer because I think everyone feels like we’re making a really good show.”

While a quick look at the ratings will tell you the show didn’t do all that well in the US on The CW, the show benefited from extremely positive reviews from critics.

According to Metacritic, The LA Complex was one of the top five best-reviewed new series of the 2011-12 season, up there with the likes of New Girl and Suburgatory.

Gero says he understands why the show struggled in the ratings in its first run.

“It struggles from having a not-great log line — the whole, ‘bunch of twenty-somethings living in L.A.,’ I don’t know that I’d run out to see it, much like I was an idiot who didn’t watch ‘Friday Night Lights’ for the first three years because I thought it was just about high-school football,” he said.

“(And) for Canadians at least, I don’t think a lot of adults are necessarily cool with watching something on Much — like they see that it’s on Much and they figure, ‘Oh, it must not be for me.'”


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