Space premieres The Almighty Johnsons and Alphas, July 23

Space flexes its superhuman strength beginning Monday, July 23 with a double-dose of powerful debuts with the series premiere of The Almighty Johnsons at 9 p.m. ET, followed by the sophomore season premiere of Alphas at 10 p.m. ET.

An exciting new thriller, The Almighty Johnsons follows four ordinary Kiwi brothers who have the powers of Norse Gods, but lack full control of their abilities.

To further complicate matters, the Johnsons aren’t the only Norse deities living in exile in New Zealand. Meanwhile, the action-packed drama series Alphas centers around five ordinary people with superhuman physical and mental abilities who take on mysterious cases the CIA, FBI and Pentagon are unable to solve.

Featuring Tim Balme (MADDIGAN’S QUEST and MERCY PEAK) as Mike, Dean O’Gorman (MCLEOD’S DAUGHTERS and SHORTLAND STREET) as Anders, Jared Turner (GO GIRLS and POWER RANGERS) as Ty, and newcomer Emmett Skilton as Axl, THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS are four brothers who happen to have inherited the powers of Norse Gods. Over many generations their powers have been diluted, so unlike flashy cartoon superheroes, these guys don’t really stand out from the crowd. As the brothers try to balance their powers with their everyday lives, they struggle with sibling rivalry and fulfilling their God-like destiny, all while still finding the time to enjoy a few beers with their mates.

THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS also stars Ben Barrington (OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE) as the Johnsons’ forever young grandfather Olaf, as well as Oscar nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider), Roz Turnbull (OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE), Alison Bruce (THIS IS NOT MY LIFE), and Michelle Langstone (MCLEOD’S DAUGHTERS).

The procedural thriller ALPHAS returns for a second season at 10 p.m. ET, picking up eight months after the Season 1 finale, with the stage set for an explosive turn of events at the Binghamton facility. Dr. Lee Rosen (EMMY® Award-winner and Academy Award®-nominee David Strathairn), having exposed the existence of Alphas to the unsuspecting public, finds himself discredited and imprisoned by a government desperate to cover up his revelation. The rest of the core team has disbanded, and some, without Rosen’s guidance and care, have regressed to their old, destructive ways. They must now battle their individual demons in order to reunite and try to save their own.

Starring Malik Yoba (NIKITA) as Bill Harken, Warren Christie (TRUE JUSTICE) as Cameron Hicks, Azita Ghanizada (CASTLE) as Rachel Pirzad, Ryan Cartwright (BONES) as Gary Bell, and Laura Mennell (SMALLVILLE) as Nina Theroux, joining the ALPHAS cast this season is Erin Way (DETROIT 1-8-7) as Kat. A mysterious young loner, Kat’s Alpha ability equips her with perfect muscle memory, but while her skills are permanent, her personal memories are short-lived.

THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS is produced by Simon Bennett (OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE and SPIES AND LIES) for South Pacific Pictures.

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