More flexible TV subscription packages could be on the way

The Canadian Radio-television and telecommunications Commission has agreed with Bell Media in a dispute with independent cable distributors over proposals on more flexible TV packages.

What this may mean in the future is subscribers getting more control over what channels they will be able to select instead of subscribing to pre-set packages with channel they don’t want.

The Canadian Independent Distributors Group, made up of Bragg Communications Inc., the Canadian Cable Alliance Inc., Cogeco Cable LP and MTS Inc, agree that while more flexible packages should be offered, they don’t want their wholesale carriage and distribution rates changed.

The decision means that while TV subscription packages will be changed they will work on a sliding scale, meaning that the fewer channels you subscribe to, the more expensive each will be.

“Unfortunately, the CRTC decision requires that we sign Bell’s version of the agreement, which actually limits the distributors’ ability to introduce more flexibility for these specialty services to consumers,” said Jill Laing, spokesperson for Eastlink, owned by Bragg Communications.

“While we’d very much like to share some of the details of those agreements for context, we cannot, as these agreements are confidential.”


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