Final Witness

Wednesday, July 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT 9 p.m. CT, 8 p.m. MT on Citytv

“Graveyard Love”

When damaged souls Addie Hall and Zack Bowen met, the two connected by recounting their troubled histories. Each struggled, as free-spirited Addie ran from her past and Army veteran Zack was scarred from serving in Kosovo and Iraq. The two fell into a whirlwind romance just before Hurricane Katrina. In the wake of the devastation, their relationship deteriorated, as their passion began spilling over into clash after clash. Soon, Zack snapped and a murderous night changed everything. Narrated from the victim’s imagined perspective, the episode includes gripping, first-person accounts of the murder case by Zack’s and Addie’s friends and family.

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