Dan Snow hosts new TV series Dig WW2 on History Television

Part Indiana Jones archaeology, part forensic detective work, DIG WW2, a new four-part series premiering on History Television beginning Monday, July 16 at 8 pm ET/PT, vividly brings World War II, the most devastating conflict in history, to life.

In DIG WW2, a UK-Canada co-production produced by 360 Production and Canadian company yap films, military historian Dan Snow digs, dives, shoots and drives through the greatest conflict in Canada’s history, uncovering the incredible stories this violent clash left behind.

Snow and his team travel through Northern Ireland, Continental Europe and the North Atlantic, regions littered with buried fighter planes, sunken submarines, secret bunkers and other hidden evidence of the war, determined to find these lost relics and reveal the stories they hold.

DIG WW2’s explorations of these forgotten battlefields are dramatic adventures – sometimes Snow doesn’t know what he’s going to find when he goes looking for artifacts, and neither do viewers. Instead, he pieces together evidence from interviews and records to try to solve mysteries and, using his knowledge of the war, sees if he and his team of archaeologists, weapons experts, and divers can find the artifacts that will fill in the blanks. From pulling the intact guns of a Spitfire fighter plane out of a peat bog to helping a family solve the mystery of how their father lost his life in Occupied France, every episode is full of incredible and unexpected events.

Snow speaks with soldiers, sailors, and civilians from both sides of the conflict, using their firsthand accounts of the war to paint a brilliant picture of the conflict’s courage, chaos, and tragedy. DIG WW2 tells both the small stories and the big stories, from the greatest amphibious landing in history to pilots who escaped from crashing planes and the soldiers who defied death and helped bring Nazi Germany to its knees.

“DIG WW2 will engage viewers with the mysteries it undertakes to unravel and, in so doing, brings to life a conflict many Canadians are now too young to remember,” says the film’s executive producer, Elliott Halpern. “And Dan Snow is the perfect on-camera guide for these adventures: He’s young, knowledgeable, charismatic, and willing to get down and dirty to find the real story.”

Dan Snow is one of television’s busiest presenters. The 33 year-old Canadian/British historian, son of BBC television journalist Peter Snow and CBC’s London-based Canadian television journalist Ann MacMillan and great-great grandson of British Prime Minster David Lloyd George, has hosted dozens of TV programs, including Battlefield Britain, Britain’s Lost World, Empire of the Seas: How the Royal Navy Made the Modern World, and The Battle for North America. He has worked on numerous public occasions for BBC Events, such as the 200th Anniversary of Battle of Trafalgar, the 90th anniversary of the RAF and the commemorations to mark the 90th anniversary of the end of World War One. Dan has a regular slot on the One Show on BBC1, where he explores great stories from British history. Snow is based in London, England.

Here are short synopses of the four episodes of DIG WW2 along with their airdates:

EPISODE 1 (Monday, July 16 – 8 pm ET/PT)
Military historian Dan Snow explores the vicious Battle of the Atlantic by digging up an intact Spitfire fighter plane with working guns from an Irish peat bog, diving into an underwater graveyard containing 30 Sherman tanks, and taking a Nazi U-boat-hunting seaplane for a spin.

Episode 2 (Monday, July 16 – 9 pm EP/PT)
Dan Snow explores Canada’s role in the air war by going diving for wreckage from a famous trans-Atlantic crash of a massive B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, checking out a top-secret German bunker in France that launched the deadly V1 rockets (a precursor of the cruise missile) the Nazis rained down on London, and solving the mystery of the tragic crash of a Canadian Spitfire in Normandy.

Episode 3 (Monday, July 23 – 8 pm ET/PT)
In a beautiful Italian valley Dan Snow and a team of Italian archaeologists uncover the Nazi line of defense called The Hitler Line, and are able to reconstruct the hard-fought battle here between German and Canadian forces. Travelling to Holland, Dan delves into the story of Operation Market Garden, visiting a posh hotel that was once an Allied Forward Command post, uncovering hidden evidence of massive battles there and speaking to the soldiers who fought in them.

Episode 4 (Monday, July 23, 9 pm ET/PT)
Dan Snow explores both sides of D-Day, the greatest amphibious landing in history, digging up the remnants of the enormously fortified German defensive line and bunker at Juno Beach in Normandy, then investigating the real story of the elite American squad who went behind-enemy-lines in the stealth mission immortalized in the TV series Band of Brothers. Finally, Snow checks out an incredible submarine graveyard off the coast of Ireland. Among the 116 German U-boats sunk there at war’s end, he’s looking for one in particular, U-2511, a specially constructed stealth submarine reputed to be the most covert and deadly in the German fleet.

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