Canadian study links toddlers' fitness and size to TV habits

A Canadian study has shown that toddlers’ TV viewing habits have a significant direct impact on their fitness and size in later childhood.

The study claims that ever extra hour of weekly TV between the ages of two and fur leads to almost half a millimetre increase in waist circumference while each hour per week of TV watched by a two-year-old corresponds to a reduced level of long jump performance by the age of eight to ten.

Kids who watched more than 18 hours of TV a week were almost a centimetre wider around the waist by 10 years of age than those who didn’t.

Lead researcher Dr Linda Pagani, from the University of Montreal, said: “The bottom line is that watching too much television – beyond recommended amounts – is not good.

“These findings support clinical suspicions that more screen time in general contributes to the rise in excess weight in our population.

“Watching more television not only displaces other forms of educational and active leisurely pursuits, but also places them at risk of learning inaccurate information about proper eating.”

Source: dailytelegraph

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