World's largest LED TV available to buy in Canada

The world’s largest LED smart TV has been launched in Canada by Sharp.

The mammoth 90-inch Sharp Aquos, which spans nearly four feet tall and six feet wide, is now available to purchase for a cool $10,000.

The manufacturer recommends sitting at least 11 feet away from the screen, meaning you’ll need a fairly decent-sized room in which to display this beast.

“The new 90-inch AQUOS redefines an immersive, all-encompassing TV viewing experience,” says Abraham Cherian, Associate Vice-President, Consumer Solutions Division, Sharp Canada. “With the biggest screen and best quality picture available to Canadians, watching a blockbuster movie or a live action sports game is more phenomenal than ever before. The Aquos 90-inch model delivers a unique suite of features for consumers who want top-of-the-line quality and full integration with all media types.”


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