William Shatner turned down The Big Bang Theory

Canadian acting heavyweight William Shatner says he turned down a guest role on The Big Bang Theory.

The former Star Trek actor says he said no to the chance to appear on the top-rating sitcom as it “didn’t seem right”.

“I’ve been asked to [guest-star], but it didn’t seem right for me,” Shatner told TV Guide.

Shatner’s Star Trek buddy Leonard Nimoy was up for a guest spot though, lending his voice to one of Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) fantasies.

Shatner did however enjoy his recent guest appearance on Canadian cop drama Rookie Blue, playing a rambunctious drunk.

“I was just in that one segment,” he says. “They were talking about a continuing character, but they have not come back to me … I had great fun doing it and it did very well.”

Shatner is currently featuring in the History TV series William Shatner’s Weird of What?.

Source: TV Guide

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