Vérité Films moves Regina headquarters to Toronto

Regina and Toronto (June 27, 2012) – After 15 years of producing over 250 episodes of award-winning primetime television in Regina, Saskatchewan, including the smash hit comedy series CORNER GAS, Vérité Films will be moving its Regina head office to Toronto effective June 30. The move is due to the elimination of Saskatchewan’s refundable film employment tax credit.

“Vérité will maintain a satellite office with one production executive in Regina with the hope that things will improve in the province,” says Virginia Thompson, president of Vérité Films. “Regina will always be in our hearts. We’ve raised three kids, built our home and our company here. But there is no longer a viable way to finance our projects in Saskatchewan. Our future is in Toronto now, where our projects can be financed. That said, should a new program be put in place that makes it possible for us to film in Saskatchewan, we would love to bring production back to the province.”

Spanning the 15 years since the refundable tax credit was introduced, Vérité Films created and produced four hit television series for children, youth and family audiences – including CORNER GAS, RENEGADEPRESS.COM, INCREDIBLE STORY STUDIO and INSECURITY – bringing over $100M in production to the province of Saskatchewan.

The decision affects on average 600 highly skilled technicians, artists, crew, digital media and support staff hired during times of production.

Vérité also ran creative writing and acting programs for young artists, trained production crews and took an active interest in developing the industry.

CORNER GAS and its cast and crew helped to raise over $500,000 for a variety of charities in Saskatchewan. The CORNER GAS film set, which is now a gift shop in Rouleau, Saskatchewan, is one of the province’s most popular tourist destinations.

Vérité Films’ announcement follows that of Regina-based Partners in Motion, an award-winning production company who made a similar announcement this month.

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