US gets Anger Management while Canadians have to wait

While US audiences are set to see the return of Charlie Sheen this week, up here in Canada we are not so lucky.

Sheen’s new FX series Anger Management will not be seen north of the border until the fall as FX Canada does not have the broadcast rights, CTV does and they plan to wait until after the Olympics.

While CTV has in the past endeavoured to simulcast with US premieres, every once in a while they hold a show back and wait for the hype to build as they did with Hot in Cleveland.

CTV will be gambling on the fact that Anger Management opens big in the US, after Sheen’s face and name were splashed across the covers of numerous magazines – including Rolling Stone and Playboy – this week as part of the hype.

CTV will offer a sneak peek of the series during their Olympics coverage this summer.


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