The L.A. Complex returns to MuchMusic for season 2, July 17

MuchMusic’s red-hot, critically acclaimed original drama series The L.A. Complex returns with a thermometer-popping second season, Tuesday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ET following the smash-hit, Pretty Little Liars.

Airing day and date with The CW, its U.S. partner, the 13-episode second season delivers the same intense, character-driven plots, complex characters, and sharp humour as its riveting debut season.

Season 2 also introduces six brand new characters, including Alan Thicke as the demanding and hot-headed director/actor/producer, Donald Gallagher.

Shot on location in Toronto and Los Angeles, The L.A. Complex is a no-holds-barred, relationship drama that follows the exploits of young hopefuls in search of stardom in Hollywood. The series is produced by Emmy-nominated Epitome Pictures (DEGRASSI) and executive produced, written, and directed by Martin Gero (HBO’s Bored to Death, Young People F*cking).

Season 2 sees the return of fan-fave cast members Jonathan Patrick Moore (NEIGHBOURS, ALL SAINTS) as Connor; Stratford, Ontario native Joe Dinicol (MURDOCH MYSTERIES, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) as Nick; Andra Fuller (THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER, ENTOURAGE) as Kaldrick; Torontonian Cassie Steele (DEGRASSI, RELIC HUNTER) as Abby; Vancouver’s Jewel Staite (FLASH FORWARD, STARGATE ATLANTIS) as Raquel, and British/Canadian Georgina Reilly (MURDOCH MYSTERIES, EDDIE, REPUBLIC OF DOYLE) as Sabrina.

New cast members joining in on Season 2’s action include:

● Toronto’s Dayle McLeod (ARMS AND THE MAN, UNFUNNY BUSINESS, We’ll Always Have Paris) as Beth, an overprotective sister looking out for her little brother as he enters the world of showbiz.
● Krista Allen (HAWAII, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, TWO AND A HALF MEN, FRIENDS, MONK) as Jennifer, a stunning A-List actress who is finding the path into the dark pit of irrelevancy.
● London, Ontario native Brett Dier (THE SECRET CIRCLE, FLASHPOINT, SMALLVILLE) plays “good guy” Brandon, who has a flirty side that gets him into trouble with the ladies.
● Megan Hutchings (THE LISTENER, KING, THE SMART WOMEN’S SURVIVAL GUIDE) as Laura, the beautiful, seemingly pious co-star who leads a double life.
● Michael Levinson (Paper Heart, COLD WAR) as Simon, a 10-year-old following his acting dreams in L.A.
● And Alan Thicke (GROWING PAINS, MY WIFE AND KIDS, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) as Donald, the executive producer and director of “Saying Grace”, who doesn’t hold back from lecturing his young actors whenever they don’t live up to his show’s high moral expectations.

Arguably one of the best-reviewed Canadian dramas of the year, Season 1 of The L.A. Complex left viewers mouth agape as they witnessed their favourite characters hook-up, screw-up, and come undone. Spoiler Alert! In the first episode of Season 2, “Vacancy”, the high-octane drama picks up where Season 1 left off. Still reeling from the beating he gave Tariq, Kal sets out to make things right, only to find that Tariq’s gone into hiding. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the fire, Connor is eager to drown his sorrows and turns to Raquel for comfort. Raquel, however, faces life-changing news. Back at The Lux, Nick and Abby take their relationship to the next level.

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    suprising that they cast porn star Krista Allen. What a shame.

    • she did soft core films and a tv series but she has also tons lots of normal acting jobs