Paul Gross says he's up for Slings and Arrows return

Following reports last week that classic Canadian series Slings and Arrows may be returning, former cast member Paul Gross has said he would be more than happy to reappear.

The Canadian actor featured in the series as the artistic director of a struggling Shakespeare theatre company alongside the likes of Rachel McAdams, William Hunt and Sarah Polley.

It was reported last week that the show’s co- creator Bob Martin had used Twitter to cryptically suggest the show was making a comeback.

“About this rumour? I don’t know what Bob’s up to,” Gross said this week.

“I saw him in New York when I was doing a show on Broadway over Christmas and we went out after and I was saying to him: ‘You should just do another one.'”

Gross did however say he would be interested in returning to the series.

“Nobody’s talked to me about it but I’m pretty sure if they came back and said do you want to do another one everyone would say yeah.”

Source: Edmontonjournal

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