No 3D Olympics coverage for Canadians

Canadians will not be able to enjoy the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games in 3D this year.

The Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium has confirmed that no 3D coverage will be available for Canadian viewers due to a number of reasons.

The cost of providing coverage for a few events as well as the small number of Canadians who actually own 3D TVs were the main factors.

“3D is a very expensive business proposition and a tough business model that requires big investment and support by a number of different partners,” Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium president Adam Ashton said.

“We did explore it for quite some time last year but it just didn’t make sense for our market at this time.”

Over 5,500 hours of coverage will be shown on TV and online in Canada throughout the 17 days of competition in London.


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