Jessie Munro

Jessie Munro

Toronto, ON

Over the Rainbow top 20

Born and raised in Toronto, 18-year-old Jessie recently finished up four years at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, and was accepted into the vocal program at Berklee College.

Jessie has eight years of vocal training with a wide variety of coaches and programs. The first stage production she ever saw was The Lion King, which she credits with sparking her love of theatre.

Jessie says that she was a natural-born performer, holding impromptu Spice Girls inspired concerts for her parents before they left for work in the mornings.

She also looks up to Lea Salonga as a career inspiration, and yearns to sing the way she does. Off stage, Jessie likes to ski and watch movies with her sister.

Jessie says she’s perfect for the role of Dorothy because she understands the character – and once dressed up as her for Halloween in grade three – complete with a stuffed Toto! Jessie also has a dog named Sam and a water frog named Spot.

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