Is Canadian TV failing on diversity?

Execs at Shaw Media and CBC believe Canadian TV is failing on diversity by not including enough minority groups.

“We have a lot of goodwill but it’s not translating nearly as quickly – on or behind the camera – as it should,” said Barbara Williams, senior VP of content at Shaw Media.

“We’re all good at quoting stats but somehow we’re not making that translation of understanding that [diversity] is good business. Our American colleagues are way better at this.”

CBC’s executive director of factual entertainment Julie Bristow echoed Williams’ thoughts.

We [CBC] have some very aggressive regulations in place when people come to pitch us shows,” she said. “But my concern is that we’ve done a better job in front of the camera than we have behind the camera.

“Until we actually put people with different perspectives in these positions of power we’re not going to get the kind of changes that Barb is talking about.”


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