Episode three of William Shatner's Weird or What? tonight on History TV

Hosted by one of Hollywood’s most recognizable figures, William Shatner’s Weird or What? is an irresistible journey into the eerie, the unknown, and the unexplained.

Join this pop culture legend for stories about everything from real-life monsters and aliens that walk among us, to mysterious curses, and stories of paranormal encounters.

Combining gripping first-person testimony, stylized reconstructions, and actual footage, the series explores real-life mysteries, cover-ups, and conspiracies and seeks to uncover both scientific and paranormal explanations.

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Episode 3: Aliens Walk Among Us

Three stories that suggest aliens are among us: a Mexican rancher slays a terrifying and mysterious creature that’s genetically unlike any species on Earth, and is later burned to death in his car; an Arizona woman claims to have been fathered by an alien in a top-secret government experiment to create a new trans-planetary species; in Nevada, a young serviceman befriends a colony of extraterrestrials living secretly on a remote Air Force base.

Episode 4: Curses

Three ghostly stories about blood-curdling curses: in Britain, a string of deadly house fires is linked to a supernatural arsonist and a mysterious painting of a crying boy; believed to carry a terrifying voodoo curse, a sinister doll in Florida ruins the lives of anyone who crosses it; and, driven by vengeful spirits and a devastating family curse, a wealthy California heiress embarks on one of the most bizarre construction jobs in history.

Episode 5: Weird Animal Behaviour

Three extraordinary stories about the supersensory power of animals: in Germany, a seemingly psychic octopus correctly predicts multiple winners in the 2010 soccer World Cup; scientists are baffled when more than 50 dogs mysteriously plunge to their deaths from the same Scottish bridge; and, in Oklahoma, an ordinary housecat makes an epic cross-country journey to track down its owner in a place it had never been.

Episode 6: Ghosts in the Machine

Three bizarre stories about everyday objects that are haunted by the dead: strange apparitions on board Eastern Airlines lead some to believe the pilots of a crashed airliner have returned from the grave; in Britain, a mysterious portrait is kept hidden for decades but once on display, it is blamed for a near-fatal attack on a boy; after a devastating earthquake in New Zealand, a man is savagely attacked in his bed by a sinister and invisible phantom force.

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