CBC apologises for factual error in Gaza rocket report

CBC has issued an on-air apology for misleading viewers in a story regarding Gaza rockets being fired at Israel.

On Tuesday, CBC News anchor Reshmi Nair stated that the recent Gazan rocket attacks on Israel were the first in a year’s time where in fact 405 rockets have been fired in the past year.

Honest Reporting Canada wrote a complaint to CBC saying that their statement was incorrect and within hours of receiving the complaint, CBC issued the apology.

CBC’s apology said: “In a report yesterday on the latest round of rocket attacks in Israel, it was mistakenly reported that they were the first attacks launched from Gaza in a year, that’s not true, in fact there have been other rocket attacks from Gaza in the past year and as of midday at least 65 rockets have been launched in Israel in the last three days, we regret that error.”

Source: israelnationalnews.com

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