Canadian news anchors speak of never-ending news stream

Global National anchor Dawna Friesen has told of how she believes the exhaustion is a real issue for news anchors and journalists in Canada.

Friesen spoke in Toronto during the network news anchors session at the RTDNA Annual Conference about how “once you do 19 hits in one day, that becomes the expectation”.

Joining Friesen were CTV National News anchor Lisa LaFlamme, CBC TV’s Diana Swain and moderator Seamus O’Regan.

All three spoke of how Twitter has added another dissension to their time-pressed workdays, with LaFlamme saying she recently tweeted so much “by the time I sat down to write my story, it felt days old.”

“On one level we have too much information, but on another, it’s not enough,” she said.

Friesen and Swain both said that Twitter had become the global news ticker for most journalists now. They said they had to find the balance between the endless stream on Twitter and the more in-depth news coverage that TV news entails.

However, all three did not believe that the rise of social media and the immediacy of information on the internet was going to put mainstream media out of business.


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