Where Space Meets Earth: The Cosmic Shore premieres July 16 on Discovery Science

Rising past the sea of clouds and the bright blue sky is an unexplored coast. This last frontier before the darkness is Where Space Meets Earth: The Cosmic Shore.

Premiering Monday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET/ PT, this visual feast is a unique one-hour special that presents a world that is neither terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, where interactions between Earth and space occur every second, sometimes bringing about extraordinary spectacles such as auroras and shooting stars.

Until now, cameras weren’t technically sensitive enough to record these interactions and bring these awe-inspiring moments to viewers.

Now, in Discovery Science’s first ever in-house production, the new Super-Sensitivity HDTV (SS-HDTV) camera captures the “cosmic shore” – and the view will never be the same again!

WHERE SPACE MEETS EARTH: THE COSMIC SHORE explores three optical phenomena that occur in the earth-space boundary zone: aurora, meteors and sprites – mysterious bursts of light that travel upwards from active storm clouds. The special takes an intimate look at the border zone between Earth and space – from well-documented regions like the troposphere, up to the stratosphere and into the region that’s most interesting: the mesosphere.

Presented by iconic science personality Jay Ingram, WHERE SPACE MEETS EARTH: THE COSMIC SHORE is the first of three blue-chip specials Ingram is set to host for Discovery Science, with the next two specials set to debut in August and October.

WHERE SPACE MEETS EARTH: THE COSMIC SHORE is executive produced by Heather Williamson for Discovery Science and has been produced in partnership with NHK Japan.

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